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by Allyson Kelley

The authors invite readers to reflect on what it means to walk on a healing path. This text is a must-have for mental health practitioners, faith-based organizations, communities, individuals and policymakers interested in healing.

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My Story

Known for her work to elevate voices of the marginalized while building capacity to address social justice and healing, Dr. Allyson Kelley is sought after for her expertise to find value and meaning in public health programs and equity-focused interventions. 
As a consultant to major universities, medical schools, treatment and recovery programs, schools, federal agencies, and faith-based organizations throughout the United States, she studies what determines health and healing with a focus on strengths, resiliency, and consciousness. Using transformative approaches that illuminate the power of the human spirit, Dr. Kelley believes that every person can be awakened to spiritual practices that promote individual and universal wellbeing.

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