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Allyson Kelley

Author, Advocate, Speaker

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My Story

Allyson Kelley is a teacher and wellness advocate. She is a professor at the University of North Carolina Greensboro and teaches courses in social justice and public health. She is also the principal consultant of Allyson Kelley & Associates, a small woman-owned business working toward a collective vision of community healing and transformation. 
Dr. Allyson Kelley has written four books, Evaluation in Rural Communities, Public Health Evaluation and the Social Determinants of Health, Treatment Program Evaluation, and the latest, Spiritual Healing for Trauma and Addiction. 
Dr. Allyson Kelley earned a doctorate of public health with a concentration in the social determinants of health from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  
As a conscious human with a heart for mindfulness, peace, sobriety, and acceptance, she seeks the Divine at her local church, in nature, and in various teachings by Jesus, Mystics, Buddhists, Indigenous elders, priests, and other spiritual gurus. She wants readers to know social justice and wellbeing are not  abstract concepts, they are spiritual practices realized through reflective practice, commitment to higher purpose, and connection. 

My Beginnings
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